Keating Resources strongly supports the use of all energy resources located in the U.S. with the goal of self-sufficiency, especially wind and solar resources.

Gerard Keating and his brother, Matt hosted the first wind developer to successfully develop privately owned wind farms in Nebraska, which is heavily regulated. The disrupters started by signing an agreement to develop a 200 MW wind farm on 10,700 acres they owned north of Stuart Holt County, Nebraska.

Although a wind farm was not built on this land, their efforts led to a change in Nebraska law which allowed the hosted developer to build the first two privately owned wind farms in Nebraska. Their efforts also led to the construction of a 500 MW wind farm north of O’Neill Nebraska in 2016 by Berkshire Energy, which bought the rights to the development. The brothers were paid a development fee.

In Florida, Keating Resources is currently pursuing the development of solar energy generated from the roof tops of large industrial buildings. This initiative was given a boost in August of 2016 when Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment which allows private energy producers to sell excess power in the open market.