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Atkinson Native Sees Opportunity in His Hometown

Press, Real Estate | February 08, 2021



By: Jerry Guenther, Norfolk Daily News

Gerard Keating has a vision for his hometown. Where others see vacant buildings, he sees opportunity.

“I believe there’s much potential for communities along Highway 20 if they invest and have vision. And that’s what we’re here to do. If people don’t step up, there won’t be anything left of rural America,” Keating said.

Keating knows about investing. The veteran real estate investor has a knack for transforming run-down properties into prosperity, including in Lincoln.

The 1982 graduate of West Holt High School said part of the reason he came back to Atkinson was to give back. Like many who grew up on farms or in small towns, he has fond memories of rural life. That includes going to the R.F. Goeke Variety Store for a handmade soda or malt.

Keating now divides his time between Atkinson, Dallas and Florida but already began investing in his hometown in 1995 while living in Chicago.

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