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Atkinson Native To Invest $1,000,000 in Atkinson to Help Young Entrepreneurs

Press, Real Estate | March 29, 2021

Atkinson native and part-time resident, Gerard Keating, announced that he will invest $1,000,000 over the next 12 months to buy and restore vacant commercial buildings in Atkinson and to recruit new technology and experience-based business to occupy. Keating said the decision was made after spending a year in Atkinson, which he had not done since 1981-82, and witnessing the devastation that government policies and reaction to COVID have wreaked on small businesses in Atkinson and other rural communities. The investment will be led by Keating’s son, Alec, and daughter, Reese.

Keating said every commercial building was occupied when he was a teenager when Atkinson peaked in population in 1980 at 1,521 people. Now, nearly 50% of the buildings are vacant with no active retail business.

Keating said he will leverage the high-speed fiber, now available for the first time this year in Atkinson, in every building he purchases to ensure that businesses are competitive. Keating said he is surprised and excited about the large number of young entrepreneurs, in their 20s and 30s, living in Atkinson that want to grow their businesses.

Keating purchased or has agreed to purchase (7) buildings as follows:

  • 107 South Main Street: Former Wilson Rexall Drug Store under restoration for Keating Resources Nebraska office to open July 4, 2021
  • 102 East State Street: Former Ogden Hardware sold to Shannon & Cole Olberding for growing Corkeldings Fitness that opened on March 1
  • 109 South Main Street: Former Corkeldings Fitness under restoration starting May 1 for a new company, soon to be announced, to open Christmas 2021
  • 110 South Main Street: Former RF Goeke Variety under restoration starting July 2021 for a new company, soon to be announced, to open Christmas 2021
  • 209 East State Street: Vacant for over 10 years, in restoration now for a new company, soon to be announced, to open September 2021
  • 201 East State Street: Vacant for over 45 years originally Chevrolet auto dealer under restoration starting August 2021 to open Spring 2022 to host RF Goeke Soda Fountain, a gaming venue for teenagers, a 30-seat multi-level community movie theater, and Sonoma Nights Wine Bar on second level.
  • 102 North Hyde Street: Vacant for over 10 years former Phillip 66 gas station under restoration starting June 2021 to open July 4, 2021 as Country Craftman hosting local artisans, starting year one with Channing Ogden.

Keating Resources is owned by Gerard and Alec Keating. The company invests in real estate in Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska and has offices in Atkinson, Nebraska, and Dallas, Texas.

For more information regarding Keating Resources, please contact Gerard Keating at 402-925-5113 or or contact Alec Keating at 630-648-9967 or