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Farmers Market Opens with Ribbon Cutting

Press, Legacy | May 27, 2023

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the Phillip John Keating Atkinson Farmers Market was held Friday evening, May 27 at 5:45 p.m. Gerard Keating cut the ribbon which was held by Atkinson’s mayor, Josh Erickson and Alyssa Oligmueller.

The open-air pavilion was the brain child and financed by Gerard Keating to have a venue downtown for marketing products as well as holding social events for the community.

Following the ribbon-cutting, the Neon Lights, a four-member band played a free concert. The Neon Lights come out of Norfolk, with the lead singer being 17-year-old Emma Sedllacek from O’Neill. Other band members include 19-year-old Tyler Thrvener, 13-year-old Maduz Cleveland and 18-year-old Adrian Barrt.

The band had great energy, with Thrvener active in the audience, jumping on boxes and never standing still. The young drummer was fantastic to listen to, especially considering his talent at such a young age. Sedllacek moved with the music, which was cute to watch as her two little ponytails atop of her blonde hair danced with her.

It was a fun night filled with great music, a lively audience, and was a great way to open the new Atkinson Farmers Market.

Keating Resources is owned by Gerard and Alec Keating. The company invests in real estate in Florida, Texas, South Dakota, and Nebraska and has offices in Atkinson, Nebraska, and Dallas, Texas.

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