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Former Gateway Building in North Sioux City Sold

Press, Real Estate | January 11, 2018

One of the largest buildings in South Dakota has a new owner.

The former Gateway Computer building in North Sioux City was sold to Keating Resources on Wednesday.

Keating Resources announced the sale via a press release Thursday morning. The iconic Holstein-patterned building was bought from Taiwan-based Acer, Inc. for $5,750,000.

The 750,000 square foot facility was built by Gateway over several phases during the 1990’s.

Gerald Keating, the owner of Keating Resources, is originally from Atkinson, Neb. In the press release, Keating said he sees a lot of potential in the Sioux City metro area, which is why he decided to invest in the facility.

Keating said he has already sold a portion of the facility to a local investor, and has leased out additional portions of the building, bring the facility to 61 percent occupancy. The campus also has the space to expand in the future, if necessary.

The facility will be repainted later this year with the famous black and white pattern, Keating said.