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Keating Family Invests More in Custer

News, Real Estate | April 30, 2021

A partnership led by Atkinson, Nebraska-based Keating Resources purchased the historic, 2,942 SF, Kleemann House located at 619 Mount Rushmore Road in Custer, SD on April 30 for $900,000 or $180,000 per room. The boutique hotel was restored in 2017 at an estimated cost of $2,000,000 and has five bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom and king-size bed.

Alec Keating, partner with Keating Resources, said that the investment was a rare opportunity to purchase a fully restored piece of cash flowing, American history in a great city, which is currently booming. Keating said the hotel is available for rent on Airbnb or via phone at 877-412-2246.

The purchase is in addition to the purchase of a building located at Mount Rushmore Road in October 2020 for $1,000,000, which was formerly occupied by Shopko and now by The Hills Self Storage which is a company created and owned by Keating Resources.

Keating Resources is owned by Gerard and Alec Keating. The company invests in real estate in Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska and has offices in Atkinson, Nebraska and Dallas, Texas.

For more information regarding Keating Resources, please contact Gerard Keating at 402-925-5113 or or contact Alec Keating at 630-648-9967 or