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Keating Resources Hires Designer for Mountain Bike Trails at Deer Mountain

Press, Real Estate | January 06, 2022

Gerard Keating, CEO of Keating Resources, announced that renowned mountain bike trail designer Pete Costain, owner of Terraflow Trail Systems (, has been hired to design a world-class, boutique mountain bike park at Deer Mountain Village ( The design will support a construction start date of June 1, 2022, and a completion/opening date of July 4, 2023.

Keating said that the company was fortunate to secure an agreement with Costain, who has worked on the design and construction of the bike parks at Yellowstone Club, Big Sky Resort, Whitefish Mountain Resort, and others. Keating said that the two existing ski lifts will be retrofitted with bike carriers, which will complement a snow tubing venue under design.

Keating said the progressive design of the bike park is part of a synergetic experience the company is bringing to the community, where residents and visitors alike will be encouraged to experience the surrounding environment on their own terms. As part of the announcement, Keating said the much-anticipated launch of mountain home lots at Deer Mountain Village will start on April 1. At a 6,200’ elevation, the community will be the highest elevation community in the USA east of the Rockies.