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Keating Resources Unveils One of the Longest Tubing Hills in the USA, at Deer Mountain Village

Press, Real Estate | August 28, 2023

Gerard Keating, CEO of Keating Resources, is thrilled to announce the completion of a new tubing hill at Deer Mountain Village, one of the longest in the United States and the third-longest west of the Mississippi River. This upscale adventure community in the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota will now feature this exciting attraction.

The new tubing hill measures 1,133 feet in length, with an average elevation of 6,203 feet. Boasting four lanes and a 169-foot drop in elevation (equal to a 12-story building) at a 14% grade, the tubing hill adds another thrilling dimension to Deer Mountain Village. The area, known for its over 150 inches of average annual snowfall, offers an exceptional winter sports experience.

“Deer Mountain Village continues to redefine luxury and adventure, and the addition of one of the longest tubing hills in the country adds to its allure,” said Gerard Keating. “The four lanes offer different levels of excitement, and with the first snow expected in just about 90 days, we are excited to offer this to our residents and their visitors.”

The four-season community of Deer Mountain Village provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities. The newly completed tubing hill strengthens the reputation of Deer Mountain Village as a destination that combines private luxury living with adventurous pursuits.

Deer Mountain Village presents a unique blend of excitement and serenity for those looking to enjoy the breathtaking natural surroundings of the Black Hills, along with unparalleled amenities.

Details about the new tubing hill and other amenities at Deer Mountain Village can be found on the community’s website:

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Deer Mountain Village is a private upscale adventure community located in South Dakota. Offering a wide array of amenities and stunning natural landscapes, Deer Mountain Village is a haven for those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle. For more information, please visit Deer Mountain Village.

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