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South Dakota’s First Sportsbook To Open Day After Thanksgiving

Press, Real Estate | February 17, 2021

Gerard Keating, CEO of Keating Resources, ( announced that South Dakota’s first sportsbook will open the day after Thanksgiving 2021 in Deadwood, subject to a proposed law expected to pass by the State of South Dakota legislature by March 8. The law will allow legalized betting on sports events.

Keating said the $7,500,000 investment made by his family will be made in the largest historic building in Deadwood, which the company bought on December 4, 2020, saving it from likely demo based on deteriorated condition. Keating said the company removed over 900 cubic yards of debris from the structure since December 18. It is now safe, empty, clean, and ready for the future.

Keating said the goal of his family is to deliver the best live sporting viewing experience in the gaming industry with top design professionals involved in the design process. The experience will operate under the name Sportsbook Deadwood and will focus on all sporting events enjoyed by women and men. Keating believes the gaming industry has overlooked women. The City of Deadwood City approved the last available liquor license in Deadwood for the facility on February 16. Keating said that the company is in discussions with several known experienced gaming operators to operate the venue.

The building totals 35,000 square feet on five levels.  Keating said the restoration will include the following:

  • 7,000 square feet first-floor entertainment areas with a 75 seat outdoor courtyard which will be the largest in Deadwood.
  • 30 extended stay designed hotel suites on levels 2-5
  • Meeting room for events with seating for up to 150 people
  • Day spa offering all personal care services including hair, nails, facials, and massage services

The custom-designed 7,000 SF entertainment venue will be unique to any existing in South Dakota which will include the following:

  • Over fifty 4K high definition TVs which are 4 times the clarity of traditional high definition TVs.  The venue will include a 20’ high x 70’ wall with 1,000 square feet of high definition TVs
  • Over 100 custom-designed recliners and cluster seating areas focused on comfort and delivering an at-home experience.  Customers will be able to listen to desired sporting events through individual audio settings at the seating including the ability to use Apple AirPods and other focused listening devices for maximum enjoyment
  • Interactive gaming at the comfort of the seat
  • At-seat food and beverage service

As part of the restoration of the building, the family volunteered to pay to upgrade a long-ignored adjacent public plaza that hosts a bust of Wild Bill Hickock, sculpted by famed sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski in 1951. Ziolkowski created the Crazy Horse Monument which is the largest sculpture in the world.

Keating said his love is sports of all kinds, especially outdoors with wagering an additional way to enjoy.  Keating said there is a cross-over between people who come to the Black Hills for outdoor sports adventures and wagering.

Many people overlook that there is no place in the USA which has more diversity of four-season outdoor sporting experiences, within a 90-minute drive, than in the Black Hills. The experiences include biking, hiking, water skiing, boating, lake fishing, fly fishing, UTV and ATV riding on 4,200 miles of trails, snow skiing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, and motorcycling all thanks to 1.2 million beautiful acres of state and national forest land.  There are many bonuses including moderate weather and alpine mountain experience with Harney Peak at 7,244’ being the highest elevation between the Rockies and the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe.

Keating believes the gaming market significantly underestimates the positive impact sports wagering will have on Deadwood, predicting that annual gaming revenue from all gaming in Deadwood will rise from the 2020 level of $1.1 billion to $1.5 billion within 60 months.

“South Dakota is the state to enjoy if you like freedom and is now on the radar of the people worldwide.  It is the first inning of opportunity. East Coast and West Coast states are now fly over states.”

Keating Resources is owned by Gerard and Alec Keating.  The company invests in real estate in Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. For more information regarding Keating Resources, please contact Gerard Keating at 402-925-5113 or