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The East Mountain Chairlift is Up and Running at Deer Mountain Village

Press, Real Estate | February 05, 2024
East Mountain Chairlift at Deer Mountain Village.

Keating Resources is proud to announce the completion and restored operation of the iconic East Mountain Chairlift at Deer Mountain Village, marking a significant achievement in the development of this community. This momentous occasion follows the comprehensive rebuilding of the 1976 Riblet Tramway Company Chairlift, a project that commenced in 2022 under the expertise of Gerald Lindsay and his team at Roost Design & Consulting, based in Evergreen, CO.

The East Mountain Chairlift, a staple on the east side of Deer Mountain until its closure in 2017, has undergone a transformative restoration. After a detailed assessment, Gerald Lindsay developed a plan to bring the lift back to operational status and enhance it with modern safety features and protocols. The lift measures 3,100 feet long and is outfitted with 88 chairs, each reupholstered and fitted with new restraint bars for added passenger safety.

The renovation was extensive, with a focus on reliability and safety. Nearly every mechanical part of the lift has been either replaced or rebuilt. This includes critical components such as the backup evacuation motor, comprehensive communication lines from the top to the bottom of the lift, and the Bull Wheel. The backup gasoline engine is a notable addition, ensuring the lift’s operation under various conditions. 

This development is a restoration and a leap forward for Deer Mountain Village. It signifies Keating Resources’ ongoing commitment to enhancing the property and all it offers. The base of the lift on the east side of the mountain will soon see the construction of the Clubhouse, slated to begin later this year, further enriching the amenities available to future residents.

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About Deer Mountain Village

Deer Mountain Village is a private, upscale community offering 185 fully improved one-to-three acre private mountainside lots now available for purchase. The vision for Deer Mountain Village, spearheaded by Keating Resources, is to revitalize the vacant mountain into a vibrant community. The next five years will see a transformation of the area into a fully-developed community, including two ski lifts, mountain biking trails, and a clubhouse, enhancing the year-round appeal of the village. Please visit for more information about Deer Mountain Village.

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