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Lodgepole Creek Apartments

Lodgepole Creek Apartments

Gerard Keating
CEO Keating Resources
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Keating Resources sold their 72-unit Lodgepole Creek Apartments on February 21, 2019.

The Apartments were sold to Princeton Management a Fairfield, Michigan-based property management company, just 60 days after their initial purchase.

Keating Resources sold the apartments for $2,600,000 after buying them from Cabela’s for $1,950,000. For this latest deal, Mark Seger of the Omaha-based CBRE represented the buyer and seller. Keating Resources CEO, Gerard Keating, complimented his team for identifying a leasing strategy that brought occupancy from 35% to 51% in 60 days and added that he intends to re-invest the sale proceeds and more back into Nebraska.